Try Something New Every Day

What is this try something new every day blog project?

And why?

Well, why not?

In the spirit of living one of my favourite writing guides of all time, The Artist’s Way, I want to push my boundaries. In every direction. I want to try new things and write about them.

I want to write about how I did a polar bear plunge or jumped out of a plane.

Okay. Those things are so not going to happen.

But I might try a hot yoga class or visit the local lavender grower: both things on my list that I have wanted to do but just never seem to get around to it.



I may have to send for one of these Round Tuits. (For the times I said I’d do it, when I got a Round Ruit)




I want to create a bit more of a sense of urgency to get to the fun, interesting stuff. Or else I’m at risk of stagnating, staying on the safe and predictable path, just going through the motions. I have to crush my recent tendency to sit around relaxing and playing … dare I admit it, Candy Crush. Ugh. I wish I had never met that disabling addictive evil app. In fact, maybe in honour of Try Something New I need to swear off ever playing another level of evil. I could do it. Really. Level 117 is impossible anyway.*

My Rules (Which I May Change on a Whim at a Moment’s Notice)

1. I have to try something new everyday. The New Thing must be something I have never done before. Or something I have done before but I am doing it in a new and interesting way. It can’t be totally lame, i.e. wearing two different colours of socks. It can’t be a new restaurant every day which is something I would happily do but seriously, that’s lame too. The new thing has to have some element of New! Exciting! At least for me. Your mileage may vary considerably.

2. Blog about it. Every day (within 24 hours of trying the New Thing).

Go to Now Try This to see what I am up to and check my progress!

Go to Pin Map to see where I’ve been!

* update: done. I haven’t played a single game since starting Try Something New Every Day and I have zero desire to ever play it again.