I am so grateful to these amazing reviewers who have taken the time to write reviews of The Perils of Pauline. A big thanks to all! Please check out their blogs and support their work of bringing books to readers across the Internet.

The Midwest Book Review (March 2015)

A deftly written, uproariously funny, exceptionally entertaining novel, The Perils of Pauline clearly documents Collette Yvonne as a gifted author of the first order. Impressively entertaining from beginning to end, The Perils of Pauline is very highly recommended reading for personal leisure time lists and would prove to be an enduringly popular addition to community library General Fiction collections.

Busola Coutts at The Fashion Stir Fry (April 2015)

“cute, exciting, deep and so real”


Bonnie (5-Star review posted on and Goodreads (posted 2 March 2015)

“I was expecting just your usual run-of-the-mill chick-lit novel that I generally read in bed a few minutes to help me sleep, but this was not the case. It was a “can’t put down” read that was fast paced, and had both drama and comedy.”

Bless Their Hearts Mom (posted 20 Feb 2015)

“This book is perfect for reading with a cup of coffee while the snow storms outside.”

Julie Failla Earhart RSS Feed (St. Louis, mo United States) (5-Star review posted on

 “…you have to read this! It’s the funniest book I’ve read since Jackie Lee Miles released Divorcing Dwayne in 2008.”

Cassandra M’s Place (5-star review posted on, 26 Jan 2015)
“A laugh so hard you just might pee a bit book.  As a single mom I still can connect really well with the story that the author has unfolded in the pages of this book.  As a divorced women with kids and some with special needs, I can enjoy this book.  As I have not had a super funny book geared toward and adult and female this was a pleasant change.  While I will not be reading this one out loud to the kids, it was a great read.”

“Women’s fiction and chick lit lovers are going to enjoy this read.”

“Unique and Funny.”

“It is a easy flowing read and had me laughing out loud in many parts. I even read a section to my hubby when Pauline created her own mantra! I laughed on that one for a long time!”

In Our Spare Time: Never Enough Time for all the Fun (posted 9 Feb 2015)

“If you’re looking for a book that will make you smile despite what kind of day you’re having, The Perils of Pauline by Collette Yvonne is definitely it.”

 My Crazy Life as a Navy Wife by Lashon Campbell  (5-Star review posted on My Crazy Life Blog and, 10 Feb 2015)
“I just enjoyed every word of this book. Pauline is a character that many will relate to. As wives and mothers, We have all been stretched to the brink, been uncomfortable and still do the very best we can in every circumstance. I would recommend that you go out today and purchase this great book to read and share in your book club.”

 Ruthie B on (5-star review posted on on 9 Feb 2015)
“Raising children while keeping your marriage fresh can be difficult but this book helps us keep a positive and funny outlook on it. Highly recommended!”

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