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Here is where the master list resides: the list of ideas for new things to try (see post Try Something New Every Day). I need to try at least 365 new things so this list will expand as time goes on and I think of more things to do. There is no guarantee I will get to everything on this list (which means I probably need to have at least 500 items on the list). Feel free to explore this list and do these things yourself, and then let me know how it went. I would love to hear from your, hear your ideas and hear how you did trying something new to you.

If an idea on the list is crossed out it means I have done the item on the list (and have blogged about it — click on the item to find out more!)

I have categorized the list into the 12 different areas of my life that I want to push into and explore. To avoid dwelling in any one area (and risking the area getting stale and un-new, I am setting (arbitrary) limits on how many items can be listed in that area. For example, I am not allowed to try more than 30 new recipes for the sake of Try Something New Every Day (but I am free to press on and try more new recipes beyond the 30, they just don’t count here until I have completed a full 365 days of trying new things). The limits ensure a category doesn’t get overused — then it’s boring and not-so-new anymore. But the food and recipes category will be extra useful on the days when it’s too many degrees below zero and I don’t want to go outside.


Cooking/food x 30

1. make spun sugar
2. almond/date balls
3. cashew-cherry nut bars
4. brew beer
5. try a new food
6. try a new recipe
7. try a new ethnic restaurant (ie Icelandic food?)
8. roast my own coffee beans
9. visit Toronto oldest restaurant
10. visit Toronto’s newest restaurant
11. visit new Brew Pub in Port Perry
12. make salsa verde with fresh tomatillos
13. Make homemade Limoncello
14. host a garlic tasting

15. invent my own cocktail

Travel and Tourism x 30

1. visit Terre Bleu lavender fields
2. visit a new winery in PEC and sample the wine
3. visit Pathways to Perennials


1. visit a library I have never gone to before
2. read a genre of literature I’ve never read before
3. read latest #1 New York Times Bestseller (must look it up and read whatever is on top on day I try this)
4. read book that wins the 2014 Nobel Prize for Literature (when it is announced on Dec 10)
5. read 2014 Man Booker Prize winning novel (when it comes out on 14 Oct)
6. read 2015 Canadian Griffin poetry prize-winning book
7. read the 2014 Giller prize-winning book (to be announced Nov. 10)
8. learn how to download an e-book from the library
9. download a Mo Yan book from library and read it
10. read a Markham Bookclub book

11. become a Goodreads Author

Educational/Intellectual/Technology x 30

1. attend a Massey lecture
2. take a new Cousera or Edx course in History
3. bonsai a plant
4. attend a free lecture
5. attend a meeting of the local horticultural society
6. take French lessons
7. learn to speak basic Chinese (crossed out but ongoing)
8. attend an all-candidates event for upcoming municipal election
9. invest a small amount of $$ in a stock and follow it on the stock exchange
10. buy something from eBay
11. sell something on eBay
12. plant a new kind of plant (that I’ve never before grown) from seed
13. learn how to make a pin map for this blog
14. make a pinterest board for this blog
15. take flying lessons and fly a plane
16. download a weird new app
17. practice my limited Chinese at the Pacific Mall

Creativity x 30

1. make creativity box
2. make a scrapbook/altered book
3. take a pic of the full moon
4. enter a photo into a contest
5. carve a very creative pumpkin
6. learn to play a new tune on my guitar
7. try playing Alex’s saxophone
8. process film in a dark room
9. visit yarn shop in Newmarket and sign up for lessons
10. take a sewing lesson (make a quilt?)
11. post a photo on my blog for Wordless Wednesday
12. espalier a fruit tree on backyard fence
13. visit Victoria Highlands or Copperstone in Ballantrae for home decor ideas
14. make Kimono Pockets (papercraft)
15. create a clipboard system
16. create a photo book on My Publisher
17. decoupage my sketching board
18. decoupage a label onto my bath salts jar
19. recover a footstool without making a big deal of it

Meet New People x 30

1. meet the new Toronto mayor
2. meet Kathleen Wynne
3. meet local mayor (East Gwillimbury)

Sports/Recreation x 30

1. 2014 Terry Fox Run
2. try a Hot Yoga class
3. try Kundalini Yoga
4. Agility training for Marley
5. attend a sporting event I’ve never been to before (ie polo or basketball game)
6. take a golf lesson
7. try snow shoeing
8. try going to a new gym
9. try a new hiking trail
10. attend event at the Pan AM games (July 2015)
11. teach a yoga class with my voice only

Volunteering x 30

1. visit a local food bank and donate food
2. OWC Manuscript Mentoring
3. help out at the local literacy centre
4. work at a food bank for a day

Culture x 30

1. visit the Newmarket Farmer’s Market
2. attend a taping of a TV show
3. visit the Toronto Stock Exchange
4. Shop at a new kind of store (clock store?)
5. visit the Canoe museum in Peterborough
6. go on a Haunted Walk
7. tour the AGO/Colville exhibit
8. bet on the horses at a racetrack
9. attend the Toronto Gay Pride parade
10. visit the Design Exchange
11. visit the Carrier Gallery at the Columbus Centre
12. attend a play (“off-broadway”)

Personal Care/Pampering x 30

1. try a Hot Stone Massage
2. try having a facial
3. cut my hair really short and dye it blond
4. get a tattoo
5. buy new clothes online
6. try on some wildly expensive new clothes

Spiritual x 30

1. visit a Hindu temple
2. attend a powwow
3. check out the new Aga Khan museum
4. visit an Ashram
5. read a holy book for a religion I am unfamiliar with
8. visit Al Hussain Foundation in Markham

Serendipity x 30

1. perform a random act of kindness
2. deliberately go for a walk in the pouring rain and get soaked through
3. donate to the next charity that asks
4. hang xmas tree upside down
5. observe World Kindness Day (Nov 13)
6. wear the red shoes at last
7. sabre a bottle of champagne
8. spend a day blindfolded
9. invent a signature cocktail

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  • January 14, 2015 at 6:32 PM

    what an awesome list …. now I feel incredibly lazy. Looks like you have been very busy. I am anxious to read The Perils of Pauline. Hugs Jenn

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